Optimizing Development Cycles.....

Philosophy & Mission Statement


Our philosophy is structured around the simple question,

'How can we help?'

If we can be of assistance in your design and product delivery space, then we will be your most solid and reliable product development partner.

Mission Statement

Be fair and honest in all we do for you and our employees.


We care for our community and give back a minimum of 8 hours contribution per employee every week to the local orphanage.

How & Who


By creating a unique hybrid approach to business, we offer domestic industry and standards knowledge and experience with top off shore engineering talent.

No project is sent abroad without a clear SOW (Statement of Work) that details the project requirements and our client's definition of success.

Our talent in the US manages the project and ensures that only customer grade deliverables are provided to our clients.

Our time zone advantage offshore translates to zero wait development capability for many of our projects. Imagine your development day extending to 16 hours!

All our software is licensed so you don't have to worry about corruption or restrictions in our deliverables.


We have proudly worked with clients in the following fields:

Motion control
Backend Semiconductor
Frontend Semiconductor
Design Houses
Motor and Power
High End Auto Accessories

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I come in every morning and my project has moved forward by a day.
PAS2 understands US business and make sure that what they deliver meets our requirements. Always
Pure speed with no quality issues. PAS2 truly deliver do optimize our develoment time.